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Hi, Peggy! I wanted to let you know what a joy Talisker is. You were right, he's very quiet, and doesn't demand attention, but is almost always within a few feet of me when I'm home. Even as I write this he's half flopped over half on his side, half on his back, sleeping on the ground at my feet. He makes me smile. He's so funny when he plays. First, when he's playing with the girls, he'll start chirping and running all over the house to get the girls riled up, then he bushes out his tail until it looks like a bottle brush and he looks like a racoon. It makes Mark laugh. Then, with tail bushed of course, he'll hide behind the wrinkle in the rug (that he just created running around, mind you) and flatten his already flat ears to stalk our DSH, Stella. She can plainly see him, but he thinks he's invisible! When we play with the cats, Talisker isn't done playing until he proudly marches around his "kill". Our girls just pin the toys and call them killed. For Talisker (or Mr. T as my Mom's taken to calling him) that won't do. He particularly likes a feather flyer play toy that he catches, pulls out of your hands, then struts his stuff, mouth full, before falling on his side and killing the toy some more. What a ham :) Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Jesse, Mark, and Paige 2014