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We really love hearing from our kitten owners as their kittens grow up. Here are some excerpts and pictures.


Hi Peggy,

Sean has grown so much he's losing his kitten looks.  He's looking more like an adult cat.  Sean is so lovable but so full of mischief and I think that's why he's so special.  He likes to play hide and seek just like a child.  He runs and hides under the couch and when you get close to him he jumps on the couch and then jumps on the chair and then stalks you.  When he gets tired he lays at my feet or gets on my lap for a rest.  One of these days I'll be able to get back to the things I should be doing instead of playing with Sean.

Audrey and Duane August 2006

Hi Peggy,
Just an update of Sean's life of Riley.  Sean is a very loving cat and he is the best.  We couldn't have asked for a better one.  He is certainly one of a kind.  As you might remember he was always the first in the litter to be curious and inquisitive.  That hasn't stopped for one minute.  He has found out how to open the sliding closet doors even with a barrier.  He definitely is persistent, but we love him that way.  He lets you know exactly what and when he wants something.  In the evenings around 11:30pm he starts to let you know it's time for bed because he doesn't want to go to bed alone.  If we ignore him he sits in the hallway voicing his wants.  Once we've gone to bed he kneads and purrs to his heart's content.
Sean is thriving and loves to bite and paws the toes outside the covers as he did before he was ready to come home, yet he is gentle.  He loves when we chase him and he in turn loves to chase us down the hall.
He sits and watches the squirrels and birds for long periods with his moving tail telling a story of what he could do if were able to chase them.  He is truly an amazing cat and we are so thankful for having him in our lives.  It's hard to believe he's almost 11 months old.  I'm attaching a few new photos of our boy.
I wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.
Audrey 12 2006

Hi guys,

Prince, now known as Prince Louie Catorz (get it? Louis the 14th...I know, pretty bad...) is doing great! He settled into the family without too many problems, is now having the time of his life playing with his brother...and the sisters? well, the jury is still out but I think they're warming up to him!

Prince (we call him Louie) is the most affectionate cat we have ever owned.

He loves being held, if we leave the room he follows after us...and of course he sleeps with us! I can't tell you how much joy he has brought, and though we still miss Mick and always will Prince Louie is doing a great job of keeping our minds off him.

Interesting how different his personality is from Mick. While Mick was full of mischief this one just wants to cuddle all the time. In the morning, while I'm having coffee and reading my email, Prince gets tucked inside my robe. I ask him if he wants to go in the pouch and he will very often start to climb in himself! Of course, that means his tail end is in my face but he doesn't seem to mind!

I have attached some pictures for you. The toy is battery operated, and the buttons on the top turn it on/off, the timer can be set, and how fast or slow the mouse will rotate. Prince learned very quickly how to turn the toy on...and it's usually in the middle of the night. Now if he could just remember to turn it off when he's finished playing with it! Kids! sheesh!

The picture of him hanging over the back of the chair is my favourite...and his favourite pastime. He hangs over and plays with his tail through the rails of the chair back. We'd never seen anything like this before and just laughed hysterically the first time we saw him do it. Now it's old hat for us, but when people come to visit and see him do that for the first time they can't stop laughing!

Prince Louie is much loved here.


Alex and Craig

Hi Peggy!
   I've been meaning to send you an update.  I have been super busy...but in- between times I have been absolutely loving Tucker!  He's the best cat ever.  It's as though he was custom ordered for us...
   He's getting handsomer by the minute...he is funny, playful, sweet, and silly.
He's with me almost every minute that he is awake, and he is a persistent pest in the early morning when he wants me to wake up.
Liz Aug 2006 
  Tucker is doing great.  He is a MONUMENTAL pest when he wants something.  It's really funny.  He has this habit of licking me in the early morning when he wants me to get up, and it's funny cuz it's the only time he will purr.
He plays like crazy, and still puts up with Sam smacking him when he wants to interact.  He tries hard to play with the dog, but the dog will have none of it, and always moves away.  He has decided that the dog's crate is a good place to sleep, so I have to crawl in occasionally and pull him out.  He doesn't seem to mind... He has a very easy going temperament.  And as I have mentioned, he is getting handsomer and handsomer, and loves to be around us when he is awake.
Liz Sept 2006
Tucker continues to thrive.  He's so cute and funny, and definitely has that grown up cat look now.  I also love how gentle he is.  He rarely uses his claws, and will lick me like crazy and then start this little gentle bite on my fingers...
He's SUCH a character.  My husband, who tends not to be a big animal person...thinks he's great!
Liz Nov 2006

Dear Peggy:

I thought I would send you an update on our mischievous, house wrecking adorable kittens. Although to look at Wilbur you would think "fat" and mature. He is the most affectionate of the two and both of them follow us around everywhere. They are into everything and trying to have a few Christmas decorations up is a disaster - no tree this year. Recently I took them to visit a friend who is quite elderly. When we got there and I opened the carrier they just took over examining everything and then started knocking items on the floor just like at home. She was very amazed to see how outgoing they were.  Robbie is a jumper and climbs everything. Wilbur is too heavy to do the agile jumping that Robbie does. According to a book I have on SF's "they are not cats who jump onto higher places" HA!

Vi Dec 2006


Hi Peggy,

You and Gabrielle did a great job with Dusty!  He has the best personality of any of the cats I have ever had, and I have had a lot!  He is definitely  the sweetest cat I have ever had. Nothing bothers him!  He has been a total joy and please let your daughter know that he is so loved.

Judy Aug 2006


Dear Peggy,

Jay Jay is very happy. He is sooo curious, he can open any cupboard or drawer in my house and crawl inside. When I found this out (you come home all the drawers are open) I had to babyproof certain cupbords from him. He is a love and we enjoy him so much.

Laura 2005

"Morris and Nellie are my furkids, I got them just over 2 years ago from Peggy.  I've had cats before but these two are unique!  Morris hardly ever meows, just makes little chirpy noises as he runs around.  He is a terrible show-off, running and leaping amazing distances.  He also struts around like he knows how handsome he is!  But he is affectionate, every morning he lays on my chest to get his 10 minute chin-scratching.  Nellie on the other hand is a lot more mellow, she watches Morris's antics, yawns, plops down on the floor and rolls over.  If I didn't know about Scottish Folds I would think she was a very eccentric kitty.  She loves contorting her little body into weird positions and looking at us as if she couldn't be more comfortable.  She drinks water by scooping it out of her bowl and licking her paw.  And of course, every now and again, we catch her doing the Buddha.  Morris and Nellie follow me everywhere, sleep on the bed by me at night and in short, couldn't be better companions.  My husband and I have had many hours of laughter watching their funny antics.  Although it has been over 2 years since I purchased them from Peggy, she has always been great with help and advice.  I would definitely recommend getting one (or more) of her wonderful kitties!" 

Drusilla 2006

Dear Peggy Roberts,
     Your animals Pika and Ghillee (Mandee) have stolen all our hearts!
     Ghillie has adjusted to life in Richmond very easily with Toby the red heeler, Feather a fifteen year old cranky lady cat and Snip who was always the odd one out until Ghillie came along.  Snip is the one that romps with Ghillie and keeps her the best company.
     Thank you for breeding such beautiful, well adjusted and loving animals.  I would have said I didn't need or want another cat, but Ghillie has proved me wrong.
                                            Jan Tucker 2006

Hi Peggy,

Update on Mr. Louie Armstrong, he went and had the 2 shots he needed to have (feline leukemia my vet also agrees when cat is inside cat do not give the shot). He went from 3.1 lbs when I brought him home to 4 lbs as of today! Everyone just loves him, spoiled rotten, doing amazing he is always with me, loves to play, gets along great with both dogs, the box turtle, his favorite animal friend is the African Grey, you will find him sound asleep drape on a branch of the parrots play stand with the parrot right next to him also sound asleep. He is inquisitive, smart, gentle, loves attention, eating healthy & well, what can I say he was picked by God to be with us! A quirky thing as much & as well as he cleans himself he does not clean off his eyes, he has me do it and this is weird because my cat that passed away after 17 yrs. never ever cleaned his own eyes either. But I want to thank you so much for bringing this loving joy again!!! As you can see life is rough.