Available folded ear kittens
As of  March 5, 2019 we have several folded ear kittens available.

This sweet blue mactabby with white girl is 7 months old.

If you are interested in being considered for one of our lovely kittens please fill out a kitten application so we can learn something about the kind of home you would provide for one of our babies.

This chocolate classic tabby with white boy was born 1/2/19

If you are interested in  a specific kitten please email us to check on it's availability or fill out a kitten application.

This is a long haired blue cream torti girl born 1/2/19

This is a lynx point boy born 1/2/19

This blue mackerel tabby girl is 10 weeks old

This is a silver mackerel tabby girl who is 4 months old.

This is a blue classic tabby with white girl born 1/2/19

If you are interested in her or any of our kittens please fill out our KITTEN APPLICATION.

This is a blue point girl born 1/2/19

This is a cream boy born 1/2/19

This long haired cream boy born 1/2/19.