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We have some new stories from our kitten buyers.

Hi Peggy,

I hope this email finds you well. I'm great and Maggie too. I know I've told you this before, but Maggie is the best cat I've ever owned and I've had twelve! She is sweet and very loving. She definitely has a mind of her own but in a good way. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. You did a great job raising her in her first three months because she loves people and they her...even non cat people!

I take lots of pictures of her so I thought I'd send some to you so you could see how she's grown. She is around eight pounds and I'm hoping she'll stay on the small side. These two pics are of her in one of her favorite hiding places. She loves to run 90 miles an hour and jump and land in the pot. Sometimes if I'm looking for her, I check the pot and she'll be all curled up and sound asleep in the bottom.

Take care and thanks for such a great cat,

Debbie February 2009

Dear Peggy:

I had meant to send you an xmas card as I wanted to let you know how
the boys are doing but it just got too hectic!  They have physically
matured and are both quite handsome in their own ways. Emotionally
(I'm not sure if this is a correct word to describe animals) they are
still very kittenish. Wilbur looks like a baby raccoon from the neck
down.  He has wonderful owlish eyes and can out-stare one, my son
tried it. He is very easy going and gets along with everyone.  As
Robbie matures he has become much more sensitive and when we go to
pet him he flinches as if we have been beating him. He still is quite
pretty and everyone, including me, frequently calls him a "she". He,
too has beautiful eyes but shaped differently from Wilbur's. He is
much more agile than Wilbur and can fling his body everywhere. He has
to decide when and where he can be petted, and, yet if one of us is
lying down he will come over and lie on us.  He seems to be the
brighter of the two.  It used to be that if the doorbell rang they
would both run like mad to the door to see who was there.  That is no
longer the case, Robbie runs and hides until he knows who it is.
Wilbur wants to check everyone out and will follow workers around
including the painters and got into their can lids necessitating a
hurried and harried wash.  Wilbur is not a lap cat but will  lie next
to you and insists on taking over 1/3 of the bed. However, once when
my son was visiting, Wilbur got on the couch next to him and threw
himself on his lap and got into his silly mode in which he lies on
his back, all four legs splayed out and his head upside down and goes
into what we refer to as a trance.  It was most amusing but we were
jealous as he does not get into our laps. He does, however, get into
the above position quite frequently when we are stroking him.  They
had their annual physical and shot a few weeks ago.  It was suggested
that we not let Wilbur gain any more weight, he is somewhere around
11# and Robbie close to 10#.  As you can gather we are still crazy
about them and spoil them rotten.  They are very much members of the
family and are always in whatever room we are in.  I will try to
attache a relatively recent pic of them - it's not the best but is
the more recent one and when we get a better one I'll send it on.

I hope you and your people family as well as the animal family are
doing well and have a healthy, and one can hope, a prosperous 2009.

Vi and Richard Buck

Hi Peggy,

Our boy Sean is 3 years old today.  He is so amazing.  He woke me up this morning for some smooching (something he doesn't normally do).  I thought he was hungry, but his daddy had already fed him.  Once I was fully awake I remember his birthday, and he wanted to be held like a baby so I could sing to him.  This he likes very much, but it has to be in his terms.  When he has had enough then he wants down.   The years have gone by very fast, but he continues to amaze us with the things he does.  Duane has taught him hand signals which he adheres to, but only from daddy, not mommy.  He definitely is our loving boy and we have so much fun running up and the down the hallway chasing him.  We couldn't have asked for a better boy.

Audrey Morrison-Allen  and Sean says "me too"

Hi Peggy,
I wanted to give you a little update on our sweet kitties that we picked up on Sunday.  We had a long drive home but there were real troupers.  
We named our little orange tabby boy Dino as in Ferrari, because he zooms all over the house.  He's so full of energy and curiosity and keeps us completely entertained with his antics. 
We named our little orange girl Gracie because the name just seemed to suit her.  When we first brought her home, she hid under the sofa for a few hours.  She was shy and a little scared.  She would cry when she lost sight of Dino and we had to give her extra love.  By the next day, she was feeling much more confident and she cried very little.  Now, four days later, she is outgoing, friendly and incredibly sweet.  She doesn't cry anymore and is very much at home.
We couldn't have gotten two more perfect kittens.  They are sweet and very affectionate, climbing into our laps for love and kisses.  They follow us around the house, checking out all the new things to get into.  Gracie loves to sit in front of the computer screen and watch the images change.  Yesterday I found a U-tube video of birds and she was completely engrossed!  They sit on my lap while I work at my computer, they read the morning paper with us and they sleep next to us at night.
They are both perfectly litter box trained, they eat well and sleep through the night.  Wow...we never expected such wonderful kitties!
Thank you so much!!  I've attached a few pictures taken on their second day with us.  I'll continue to send updates on our adorable fur kids.
Warmest Regards,

Hi Peggy,
I wanted to give you an update on our adorable kitties.  They are getting big!  Gracie is 6 1/2 lbs and Dino is around a pound less.  Gracie has become a beautiful little kitty as you can see from this picture.  Her markings have darkened and are very striking.  She is still shy around people but with us, she is loving and affectionate.  She is  very attached to me and follows me wherever I go.  She sleeps on a basket on my desk while I work and at the foot of the bed at night.
Dino continues to be a character!  He's the most curious little guy and we have to really keep an eye on him because he checks everything out.  Nothing gets by him and he makes toys out of anything he can find.   He wants to get into every cabinet and behind every door.  We are amazed at how intelligent he is.  He looks right at us and totally connects with his eyes.  He'll lie on my lap on his back, looking right into my eyes and stroke his paw on his face.  He always greets us with a little amazes us because we've never had a kitty like this.  Dino is truly one of a kind and we adore him!
Here is a picture of Gracie with Dino in the background.  I didn't have a good current picture of him because they all came out dark but I'll send one when I have a good one.
We'll keep in touch!

March 2012

You did an amazing job socializing Betsy, she is such a cuddler, likes people a lot, not shy at all and loves to be in our company all the time.

She is 100% sweet, not a mean streak anywhere.

She is full of spunk and energy and is constantly making us laugh. She is as soft as a baby bunny and loves to be touched—she purrs at the slightest touch.

We are crazy about her.

She's a beautiful cat and her

personality exceeds our expectations. Such an affectionate little sweetie-pie.

Here's a picture of her taken late September/early October. We put this fleece over a living room chair and she takes her afternoon naps there.

She is a super great cat, just a living doll.



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  Monet goes into my vet for a checkup two weeks from today.  She will undoubtedly create excitement in the vet office as usual because people always want to know what she is and where did I ever find her.

She has become quite the “bed hog” on my bed at night and will not share space on my lap in evenings if the border terrier is next to me in my chair.  Picky picky Picky!  Monet has an exercise routine every single night where she runs at turbo speed up and down the full length of the house down the hallway.  She is lightning fast.  She still loves burrowing under bedding on the beds, in the dog beds, in the clothes hampers, closets and where ever she can find a place to crawl.  I never know where she might be found.  Her leather collar has a bell on it so we can find her by rattling a treat bag.  She is a total character and unpredictable from one minute to the next.  Let the show begin!

Still can’t believe finding you the way that I did through Lori Siemens.  I just took a chance and asked her if she knew of a Scottish fold breeder as I had been looking for over a year.  Checked out your website, saw Monet and was hoping she wasn’t spoken for and I could pass the screening.  No way I expecting to meet her and take her home the same day, hit the jackpot!

Thanks so much.