Links to Our Cat Breeding Friends

The following breeders are our friends and may have the special kitten you are looking for if you haven't found one here.

Kitten Application
Please let us know more about your interests in our cats.  We have a questionnaire set up for your convenience.
Available kitties
Purrceptive Cattery

Our friend and fellow breeder, Donna MacMillen, has gorgeous British Shorthairs and Scottish Folds.  We recently added one of her BSH girls to our breeding program.

Hebrides Cattery Scottish Folds

Hebrides Cattery Scottish Folds

We purchased our fabulous SNOOK from Grace at Hebrides Cattery. 

Cantie's Scottish Folds

Our long time friend, Ann, has gorgeous folds in Colorado. Please check out her web site.

Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc.
If you haven't found the perfect kitten here you can always contact Scottish Fold Rescue and see if there is a kitty needing a loving home.
The Cat Fanciers Association
There are wonderful descriptions of all breeds, care information and cat show schedules at this site.
The International Cat Association
Another site with a wealth of information on all cat subjects.
The American Cat Fanciers Association
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