Breeding Boys
We have two folded boys and three straight ear boys we use for breeding: Monroe, Huey, Columbus, Cappuccino and Toby.

This is Cappuccino. He is a fawn point British Longhair we just adopted from Space Coast cattery in Florida. We look forward to having color point folded ear kittens in the summer of 2016.

At left is Monroe being very affectionate with one of his kittens. He is Sebastian's son and is super sweet and outgoing.

We have recently (October, 2014) added a new British Shorthair boy to our breeding program. His name is Columbus and he is from Space Coast British Silver Shorthairs cattery in Florida. He is a chocolate shaded silver and carries the color point gene. We will start having kittens from him in the summer of 2015. 

This is Huey. He has been producing kittens with sweet temperaments, flexible tails and nice size.

This is Toby our young straight ear boy. He started having kittens summer 2015