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Kitty Smalls

We have two Pegkens Folds and cannot recommend them enough! In fact, we are probably pretty annoying to our friends because we can't stop talking about them. Whatever Peggy is doing, she has perfected the art of breeding the perfect cat. While our kitties have very different personalities, they are both exceptionally well behaved, soft, sweet, and have never so much as scratched us once. Kitty Smalls, our older girl, is adorable and affectionate but only on her own terms, whereas her brother Babou always has to be in the middle of everything and will contentedly sit on any lap he is presented. We got Babou shortly after having a baby and the two of them are best friends. He lets the baby pull on his fur and will then snuggle up even closer. Kitty Smalls gets compliments from anyone who has seen her, and is a star at the vet. She has a talent for "ottering" as shown in the picture especially when it's time to feed her or a warm fire is nearby. Both cats bring such joy to our lives and we can't imagine life without them. Karly and Jim Sink